5 hard-skills for product managers

Learn these key product management skills

Focus on the problem your product solves

How do you learn product management skills?

The best way to learn product management is on the job. Work with more senior people who can teach frameworks and approaches through the product lifecycle. In the absence of generous mentors and a PM role at a company that has mastered shipping product at scale, the best way to learn is to workshop these skills and keep practicing.

What is the Product Management role?

#1: Think like a Product Manager

Ironically, a common mistake that product managers make is to focus on building a product.

The product manager role starts with exhaustively analyzing the problem it should solve. Product Managers should know more about customer pain and market inefficiency than anyone in the room. I realize this sounds counter-intuitive since building is the fun part. This doesn’t mean that engineering is a commodity, it means that most start-ups fail from beautifully engineering a problem that doesn’t need to be solved in the first place.

#2: Communicate the plan with a roadmap

#3 Do usability tests

#4 Build a competitive landscape

#5 Wireframe the user experience

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